16340 (CR123a) USB Rechargeable Batteries 2pk

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A rechargeable replacement for traditional CR123a batteries with a BUILT-IN micro-USB charging port. Tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association.

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No more buying expensive batteries. The Ready Up Gear USB Rechargeable 16340 batteries replace traditional and expensive CR123A batteries.

These batteries put out 3.7V to maximize the brightness output of your flashlight.

*Please note that while Almost ALL flashlights that are powered by the CR123a battery should also accept a 16340, there are exceptions. Some flashlights are unable to accept the increased voltage output and using a 16340 could damage your light in those circumstances. The user is responsible to verify the compatibility of the light.

The RUG 16340 Lithium-Ion Batteries can be charged via the onboard Micro USB port or by a traditional charger as well. (Charger and/or USB cable not included)

With a capacity of 650mAH, these batteries will last you a long time. They will run 800-1000 charge cycles if properly maintained.

Includes 3 different types of over-heat protection.

  1. Pressure relief valve protection
  2. Separate microporus protection
  3. PTC cathodal block protection

How long they run per charge will depend on what the battery is powering.

Batteries are constructed with overcharge, discharge, short circuit, and overheating protection.

Indicator lights will help you quickly verify the battery is charging and indicate when it has been fully charged.

Tested and Recommended by The National Tactical Officers Association

Video Review from ConcealedCarry.com

Video Review from GunBlast.com

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Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 5 × 2 cm

5 reviews for 16340 (CR123a) USB Rechargeable Batteries 2pk

  1. John P. DeBeasso

    Another really nice product from the Ready Up Gear is the USB Rechargeable 16340 batteries which will replace the traditional and expensive CR123A batteries. Upon receiving the batteries you will need to fully charge them. If using the USB port the battery indicator light will be red changing to green when fully charged. They can also be charged on a traditional battery charger. The batteries have an overcharge, discharge, overheating and short circuit built in also. The batteries also put out 3.7 V which makes your light as efficient as it can be.
    With a capacity of 650mAH these batteries will last a very long time, of course that depends on the item the battery is being used in. They will run 800-1000 charge cycles if properly maintained.
    I am using them in a Triad ASP light and I have noticed a big difference in light output using the Ready Up Gear rechargeable batteries compared to a new CR123 battery. Overall these batteries perform like they are supposed to. Please check them out on the Ready Up Gear website along with all the other products. http://www.ReadyUpGear.com

  2. Rod Schrivener

    Just as advertised…..Significantly more light than regular batteries. Well worth the price.

  3. Dale Shuler (verified owner)

    The 16340 batteries are a bargain. The cost is about the same as the CR123 batteries, however the added benefit is that the Ready Up Gear 16340 batteries make the Spark Light brighter and can be recharged up to 800 times. They are now a part of my EDC.

  4. jamesdfabrizio

    I use these in multiple electronics and they work great. For the price uou save money after the first couple of rechargex.

  5. Michael Routson (verified owner)

    Shipping took a little longer than expected, but I got exactly what I wanted. It’s a great economical method instead of only using primaries. I would like all to put the lights they work with to put them at the bottom of their review so we know what lights they work with and which lights they harm.

    Works with:
    Streamlight protac 1L. It might just be me but I think it makes the end cap harder to click but I like that better since I mainly use momentary high.
    Streamlight TLR-7.
    Streamlight protac rail mount 1, with this one, it disabled the low function in the high strobe low mode. I actually like this better since high strobe should be it’s own setting even though I only use high only and never strobe.

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