OBC (Off Body Carry) Bag Holster


The RUG OBC Bag Holster works great with most purses, bags, and apparel designed to receive a Velcro-style holster. Secure. Safe. Simple.

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The Ready Up Gear Off Body Carry Holster is designed to provide a safe and effective holster to use with any loop (velcro) standard off-body carry bag or apparel.

The holster is triple-layered and reinforced to ensure it safely covers the trigger guard and prevents a possible negligent discharge.

It fits all semi-automatic handguns.

Use it in conjunction with your favorite bag, purse, vest, or other concealment solution.

The bag holster is extremely easy to use.

Step 1: Place your firearm on the Holster

Step 2: Wrap The Holster Around The Trigger Guard

Step 3: Attach In Place using the “Loop” Material On the Back of the Holster


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