Roger 22 Electronic Ear Muffs

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Low-profile electronic ear muffs made for functionality and comfort. Adjustable padded headband, AUX audio input, 2x Omnidirectional microphones, volume control, and easy to replace/upgrade ear pads.

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Say hello to your new pair of Electronic Ear Muffs. Get all the features and comfort without the heavy price tag.

These Ear Muffs are designed for shooting with a strong NRR of 22dB. Take advantage of the latest technology in sound amplification and noise reduction.

Built for comfort, these muffs include a padded headband, padded ear pads, and adjustable tension.

To personalize the muffs for you, purchase any aftermarket gel or preferred ear pads that are marked compatible with Howard Leight muffs and they will fit in the Roger 22 muffs.

Low profile means these muffs don't get in the way when running long guns and they fold up to an impressively compact package for storage.

Auxiliary audio input (3.5mm jack) means you can pull in audio from a mp3 player, shot timer, or camera to protect your ears while still hearing what you need to hear.

Package includes Box, Muffs, Instructions, and 40″ auxiliary audio cable.

1 Year Limited Warranty Included


  • NRR: 22dB
  • SNR 27dB
  • Battery: 2AAA
  • Certification: CE,ANSI
  • Sound Activated Compression: 0.01s Reaction Time
  • Two Hi-Gain Omnidirectional Microphones
  • Snap-in Replaceable Ear Pads Compatible with Howard Leight Pads

Additional information

Weight 13.2 oz
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 10 cm

13 reviews for Roger 22 Electronic Ear Muffs

  1. Joe Shahoud

    I am a firearms instructor in South Carolina. As you can imagine, I practically have sets of ear muffs coming out of my ears. I have every known brand under the sun and I have spent every amount imaginable. You know the saying, “…a drawer full of holsters”? I have bins full of ear protection. All that said, I gotta tell you, these are, by far, my favorite. I first ordered just one pair and ordered a second pair right after. They don’t kill the sides of my head where my glasses rest on my ears. The pads are nice and soft. I also like the electronics in these. I can’t quite explain it, but there is this quality feel I get from the electronics. The volume knob design is great in that it is recessed but also easy to find when you have them on. When it comes to muffs, I will never buy any other brand now that I have access to these. I am writing this the day before the pre-Black Friday sale exclusively for GN members. It pays to be a GN member! I’ll be ordering 2 or 3 more pairs tomorrow!

  2. CW4 Thomas E. Harn (ret) [email protected]

    Prompt shipping, great fit over glasses, good amplification, GREAT DAMPING.

  3. Mike Woodhead

    These arrived as scheduled, and in good condition. These Ear Muffs fit well and the volume control is well placed and easy to use. No problem with wearing them with glasses. Looking to giving them a workout at an indoor range soon.

  4. Dave Kuschmann (verified owner)

    Great muffs at a great price. Quality build, solid unit. Fit over my glasses with no problems!

  5. Andrea

    Very nice, super comfortable and most important works great! This is one of the rare products with an amazing value and quality, better than so many others expensive ear muffs. With volume up, I can ear somebody turning a paper page and the shooting noises are well under control.

  6. Jason Blair

    Hard to beat for the price. Solid product with good ear protection (passive and active). Good volume to hear each other on the range. Bought a couple weeks ago and have used 3 times now. Pleased with the purchase

  7. websan

    These are great sound supressing ear protectors. They are comfortable and allow for conversation and instantly suppress gunshot noise at the range. I will recommend these to my friends who have older ear protectors.

  8. John Lawson

    Be word for these…. AWESOME. Only had them for a week, but they definitely are a fantastic addition to the range bag. And the price is fabulous! I had another pair of Howard Leights by Honeywell in my Amazon list but when I saw the notice about these being available I said I would give them a shot (no pun intended) and they are great!

  9. J. C. Wells

    Just what I’ve been looking for, great price also.

  10. jamesdfabrizio

    Really enjoy these. I have been using them for range time for 6 months now. Very comfortable with softgel covers

  11. J. Hill

    Having been involved in hearing protection for over 30 years and having worn every type of muff, with and with out ear plugs, I find these the most comfortable and attenuating decibels better than any others on the market.

  12. Mike Spray

    As an instructor and FFL, I bought 2 sets to “check them out” and immediately kept one for myself! The second set went to a happy student and two of the next four sets I just bought are already spoken for! Great product, and I’ve owned Howard Leight standard ear pro along with the HL sport models.

  13. Ed

    Seem to be well made. Work well with glasses. Comfortable and does it’s job on loud noise suppression. Shipping took a while and don’t know the reason. All in all a good product.

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