LaserDot Trainer – Ammunition Cartridge Insert

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Conduct laser simulated dry fire practice WITH YOUR REAL GUN. Just insert the LaserDot Trainer cartridge into the chamber of your firearm and when you press the trigger the firing pin will come forward and strike the rear of the laser cartridge. This will cause a red laser to emit out of your barrel toward your practice target giving you real feedback on your accuracy!

  • Visible Indoor & Out: Bright red Class 3A (<5mW) laser cartridge 630 – 670nm, visible up to 100 meters in low light
  • Compatible With Other Training Systems: Works with MantisX, LASR App, LaserLyte, iTarget, G-Sight, LaserHit, and other visible laser targets/simulators
  • Dual o-rings ensure a snug, centering of the laser cartridge and thus reliable feedback
  • The built-in “snap cap” will protect your firing pin when dry firing with the rubber insert
  • NO NOISE traffic or expensive ammo to burn up just the sound of clicks and the laser dot
  • Runs on 3 LR626 batteries, providing up to 3000 “shots” before you have to change batteries
  • The laser bullet is rimless, meaning when you rack the slide, the extractor will not catch the cartridge and extract or eject it
  • The bright laser dot can be seen over 100 yards away at night

Added Bonus! When You Buy Any Caliber of our Laser Ammunition Cartridges you will receive a no-cost 1-month subscription to LASRx! LASRx is a fantastic software program that you can run on any internet-connected device including your cell phone and will “detect” each shot of the red laser providing you with accuracy-related information and shot times. Normally $120 per year, enjoy a free month trial at no cost when you purchase your Laser Cartridge today!

*Note The LaserDot trainer will not function with a revolver. Compatible with all semi-automatics.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 11 × 2 cm

14 reviews for LaserDot Trainer – Ammunition Cartridge Insert

  1. Jeff

    Great value. Works great in both my Glock 19 and 43x. Fits snugly, o rings ensure no damage. Laser is clearly visible and dependable and works with my laser training apps and sensor targets also.

  2. Jimmie Grady

    Works great in the taurus G3. Thanks

  3. Leamon

    What a great addition to a dry fire training exercise! The bright laser “fires” when the trigger is pulled, providing instant feedback on where the bullet would have gone. The micro-second laser fire provides great feedback on trigger control, showing how steady you are at trigger break. In these days of expensive and hard to find ammo, it’s an outstanding way to improve your aim without wasting a bullet.

  4. SP

    Must have when training dry. Great feedback for hitting on target, grib stability, and trigger pull consistency. Works great with MantisX Laser Academy.

  5. d4varms

    Working great in my G45, with LASR X and other laser detection devices. Also great for beginners to see just how much they jerk the trigger.

  6. Rodney

    Works great in my 9mm. The Laser fire’s ever time you pull the trigger.

  7. Michael Samuels (verified owner)

    Product does exactly what you want it to. Glad I got it. A must for dry fire practice.

  8. David Eaton (verified owner)

    Every day when I have a break from work, I dry fire off 20 shots. The Laser fires every time, and my accuracy improves every day. An invaluable tool if you CC.

  9. Keith Wilson

    5 star review. I tried to click on the 5 stars and it doesn’t seem to highlight. Works great… love the instant feedback… easy to use… makes dry fire practice more fun and definitely more useful because you see exactly what you’re doing right, and wrong.

  10. Charlie

    Works great in my Sig P229.

  11. Gregory Proft

    Using in conjunction with a MantisX. Very cost effective. I highly recommended this device.

  12. Chuck B.

    This thing is excellent, I cannot put into words how much this thing improved my accuracy. I had no idea whatsoever nor did any of the folks I took lessons from nor any of the friends I practiced with that I was ever so slightly waggling the firearm after I pulled the trigger. This puppy figured it out. My friends are pissed that I am now on par with them. I’m back to order 6 more of these things to stick in my revolver. Yeah, $60.00 a pop for 7 of these things is a bit pricey, but for me the reward is well worth the price.

  13. Rod Johnson

    Highly recommend especially for micro pistols like a LCP Max for draw to first shot from pocket work or any other position. Doubly effective when paired with shot recording software like LASRX.

  14. Joel (verified owner)

    Great product. Don’t expect to get it in a timely manner. Mine took a month to arrive. Probably due to shortages, etc. Happy with the product though.

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