Handgun Cleaning Kit

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This handgun cleaning kit from Ready Up Gear contains everything you need to clean most handguns. Brushes and jags for .22, 9mm, .357, .38, .40, .45. Also a nylon brush, a stainless steel pick, 10.5″ brass cleaning rod with handle, and slotted tips. Comes with 100 gun cleaning patches and is packed in a hard protective case. Just add some oil or lubricant and you have everything you need.

Package Includes
1*Zippered Tool Case
10.5″ Brass Gun Cleaning Rod (2 Segments)
Large Brass Slotted Tip
Small Brass Slotted Tip
1*Nylon Brush
.22 Caliber Brush and Jag
100*Gun Cleaning Patches
.45 Cal. Brush and Jag
.40 Cal. Brush and Jag
.357 Cal./.38 Cal./9MM Brush and Jag
1* Stainless Steel Pick

Additional information

Weight 9.5 oz
Dimensions 11 × 19 × 5 cm

9 reviews for Handgun Cleaning Kit

  1. Lee Flack

    Very nice and compact kit. Like how it is secure in the foam cutouts for the brushes and accessories. I think this is a very quality product.

  2. Thomas Stiver

    Nice product! Everything you need for cleaning a handgun in a nice compact case. It fits perfectly in my range bag.

  3. James Blackwell

    Great item keep in in my range bag well worth the cost

  4. Richard DeRose

    A nice compact kit. I used to just use a snake but having the ability for cleaning two of my calibers using a brush all in one kit is convenient. I just had to review the product description to confirm that it had a brush for .40 and 9mm. If i remove one of the cleaning pad packs there will be room enough for a small container of cleaner and lube. So, I can clean my guns on the go without a lot of gear. Oh, the price can’t be beat!

  5. Gary Chancey

    I needed a compact handgun cleaning kit for my range bag. The Ready Up Gear kit can accommodate multiple calibers. It doesn’t come with solvent or oil but I found a small bottle of each that fits inside the case nicely. Highly recommend this kit.

  6. John P. DeBeasso

    Here is a neat little product that is a must for everyone that enjoys the shooting sports and likes to go to the range. Everyone loves to shoot their firearms but a much needed chore afterwards is the cleaning process. Not exactly something that everyone enjoys but is a necessity to a safe functioning firearm. This nifty handgun kit is compact enough to take to the range and will fit very well in your range bag. It is roughly the size of a 50 round box of 45ACP. If you prefer to clean your handgun after firing a few rounds before shooting again or just prefer to clean before you return home this kit is ideal.
    This handgun cleaning kit from Ready Up Gear is a compact go anywhere kit and contains just about everything you will need to clean most handguns, just add your preferred solvent and gun oil and you are ready to go. The brushes and jags included are for 22, 9MM, 38, 357, 40 and 45. Also included in the kit is a nylon brush, a stainless steel pick, 10.5″ 2 piece brass cleaning rod and handle as well as slotted tips. It also comes with 100 gun cleaning patches and is packed in a very nice hard protective case. http://www.ReadyUpGear.com

  7. jamesdfabrizio

    Nice product. Has everything you need (minus cleaners and lubes) you need for your handgun. Its size makes it fit easy into any size range bag.

  8. John Neff

    Everything looks good as ordered. Nice product!

  9. John Lawson (verified owner)

    Great product! Everything for cleaning. Unlike the little empty bottles provided too so you can add your oil & cleaner. It’s very well thought out and very compact which makes it perfect for the range bag!

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