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The Range Ruck is the answer to all your personal and instructor range needs.

The Range Ruck was designed to allow the shooter to carry all the gear they could need to the range in a single, concise, and organized bag. The bag is free-standing so you don't have to worry about it collapsing or falling over when it is empty or filled to the brim.

The front bottom pocket includes a foam “handgun brick” made from a composite EVC Foam that is very durable and includes 4 slots to carry 4 handguns. The trigger guards rest in a recess of the block ensuring all handguns fit the same and stay securely placed. The “lid” of this pocket is also reinforced with EVC foam to ensure the back grips of your handguns don't cause any wear on the bag. There is an extra 2 inches of space to the side of the brick where the shooter can slide in a few boxes of ammo, a tool kit, or a number of other slim items.

The top primary compartment is large and cavernous able to fit a lot of gear. This compartment will easily fit a few boxes of targets, a mag loader, ear muffs, safety glasses, a trauma kit and still have room to spare.

The front pocket has 4 interior pockets where you can easily place glasses, a range notebook, other tools, etc.

The top side pockets are small but perfect for a mag loader, bore snake, shot timer, shooting gloves etc.

Each side of the bag has two layers of bottom side pockets. The inner pocket is large and can accommodate cleaning kits, a small trauma kit, ammo, and much more. The outside pocket includes 6 sleeves designed for storing spare magazines. Between the two different outer side bottom pockets, you have a total of 12 magazine sleeves.

A slip top compartment also contains a full-size rain cover that can fully cover your bag and protect it from the elements.

The back of the bag features a breathable air flow design meant to increase comfort while increasing air-flow. The shoulder straps are reinforced to ensure durability.


  • Made from heavy-duty nylon
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Handgun block slides in and out of the bag
  • Holds 4 handguns securely
  • Freestanding
  • Pockets designed to hold up to 12 magazines
  • Large top pockets can hold ammo, ear protection, safety glasses, mag loader and much more
  • Side pockets perfect for tools, shot timer, etc.
  • Hook/Loop receiving patch on front of bag
  • Built-in rain cover unfolds from inner pocket and fully covers bag

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Weight 101.6 oz
Dimensions 43 × 28 × 43 cm

14 reviews for The Range Ruck Handgun Backpack

  1. drredondo

    I took my new Range Ruck Handgun Backpack to the range for the first time today, and was VERY pleased with it. The bag is sturdy, was comfortable to carry, and fit all my gear. Shortly after I placed my Ruck on the range table, one of the range safety officers drove by, stopped to take a look and chat as I unloaded the other items I needed, and commented, “that’s some range bag!” I don’t know if I got lucky when I loaded it up, but it seemed as though the many compartments held every item exactly where I needed it to be, and he noticed that.

    I loved the foam insert to hold my handguns, and the configurations and sizes of all of the various compartments. It’s set up in such a way that I could attach other pouches to it if needed which I didn’t pick up on when I first looked at it, and I think that’s a great feature as well.
    Stowing everything away when I finished shooting, and putting it back in my car was just as easy.

    The only suggestion I would make for the next iteration of the Ruck would be to include two zippers on the side compartments like there were on the others. I’d be willing to pay a little more to get them. This is not a deal breaker though. As a matter of fact, I just ordered another one to give as a gift to a friend I recently introduced to shooting.

    When are you coming out with a long gun bag?! 🙂

  2. Joe C.

    Love this bag!! Has room for everything you need and more. The foam pistol holder works great. Had room for my 1911 as well. Very good quality and priced right, what more could you ask.

  3. Brian Tillotson

    Just got the bag yesterday I was able to take the 250 caliber ammo cans of my range gear and place everything inside the bag with some room to spare have my yellow stone medical trauma kit hooked on the outside and easily accessible love the bag can’t wait to go to the range with it

  4. Lee Flack

    A perfect range bag! Lots of room for my handguns that I alternate at the range. The pockets for the ammo and magazines are great. I was able to get my headphones, glasses, spotting scope, timer, and cleaning supplies all stored in easy reach. Liked being able to put my first aid and trauma kits on the outside of the bag, but there was plenty of room to have fitted them inside. Great product. Quality throughout. And at a great price. You will love this range bag!

  5. Kevin

    When I go to the range I take a duffle bag, a 2nd duffle, stuff in my pockets, and a few last minute things I throw in the car! And with all that I usually only forget one or two things. This range bag is the perfect solution–it holds everything–all the standard stuff plus room for holding whatever I need for a particular visit–all in a space that seems to take up about half the room of my previous approach. I have only had it for a short time, but seems to be very well made. I am expecting many years of use.

  6. Brett

    This is a great bag. I just loaded it up today, taking it to the range tomorrow; but i’ve already “bench tested” the bag…loaded with an M17, a couple SIG P365xls, Ruger SR22, and my 1911. I take the wife and kids to the range almost all the time, and the top compartment fits our earmuffs, eye protection, and a couple pair of shooting gloves perfectly. The rain fly is optimally located also…right at the top. I can pack 300 rounds of 9mm, plus another 300 .22 with no problem. i’ve found only 9 magazine pockets…which for a couple of pistols would be just fine, but when I’m bringing 10 mags for each pistol, in addition to 600 boxed rounds; things do get snug…still not enough of a problem to give this bag less than five stars.

    The bag is built very well, with a top front pocket designed for essentials…small tools, range ID cards, car keys…whatever…it keeps that stuff front and center. The compartment for the handguns is generous. If I were inclined I could stuff two more in the bag, on either side of the foam insert. The handgun pocket flap, has an additional pocket on the back side for a small cleaning kit, or other small items that you might need at the range. There are also some elastic webs to hold a cleaning rod, if needed. The pocket is also large enough to carry my staple gun…an essential for the ranges that I visit here in MA.

    Side pockets are well thought out. They are a ‘double’ pocket design, with one smaller pocket stacked outside of the other. These are where my mags and ammo will go. The MOLLE loops on the upper bag make for great attachment points for just about anything. i do have a first aid kit and a trauma kit attached already; and those will probably live there forever.

    The straps are also well designed; although with the weight the bag can be asked to carry, i wonder if the straps could be a bit more rugged…a bit wider with slightly thicker and stiffer (is that a word?) padding. They adjust well so that I can get a decent fit if I were to have to carry it in that manner for a great length of time. The bag also comes with a good top-fixed carry handle that is reinforced with a rubberized handle. It’s a sturdy design that allows for confident carry of the bag, just using that handle.

    Well made, well thought out, well executed.

  7. Valence Flemming

    I received my bag today waiting almost a month to get it. I’m a little disappointed about that but yet happy I received it. First impressions, this bag is huge, with plenty of room for all your gear, I wasn’t expecting that. More room than you could possibly imagine. The overall construction is very well built and all the compartments are very well thought out. The handles/straps makes it easy to carry. Sturdy compartment for at least 4 handguns. Overall very satisfied with my purchase, also makes for a great gift for a friend.

  8. Robert Fately

    The bag is very well designed and built – plenty of pockets, large and small, to store gear. The lower section is reinforced such that the bag wll stand up even with the dense foam gun holder removed, itself a very nice touch. Took it to the range yesterday and there was, as the saying goes, “a place for everything and everything in its place”. And a word about CCIs customer service….when my bag arrived one of the partitions of the gun holder was coming unglued. I contacted CCI and they immediately responded, sending me a UPS label so i could return that for a replacement. If only most companies would be so prompt and helpful with their customer service policies!

  9. Lonnie Estep

    It works well except for the Pistol holder at the bottom. It is designed for Semi Automatics and does a great job holding them a little narrow for revolvers. Other than that I’m very pleased with it.

  10. Rick Wixom

    I purchased this Ready Up Ruck for a shooter buddy of mine. I had a chance to compare it to a similar one I had recently purchased for myself…and almost decided to give him mine and keep this one for myself. I am very impressed by the construction, the pocket depth, placement and design. A tremendous value item and I’m sure I’ll be purchasing another for my son’s upcoming birthday. The only suggestion I would make is to add double zippers on larger pockets for easier access. Every shooter needs this bag! When can I expect to see AR Bags with same storage pockets for tools & supplies?

  11. Robert E. Brittenham Jr.

    Received my new range bag and I love it, very spacious well built, strong zippers with lots of storage for all my range gear. The ability to take up to four of my favorite pistols so I can enjoy a variety of them in one outing. I just wish the ammo prices would come back down in price and availability to shoot more often like when I could buy at .19 cents a round for bulk. Hoping for that to happen! This is a very well priced range bag for the price and feathers and wish I had this bag years ago Ordering was easy and it shipped fast Thanks You CC

  12. Don

    Beautiful heavy duty Ruck Sack with a very functionablemstyling
    Well worth the money
    Excellent quality

  13. J.C. Wells

    Idea size backpack for the range. Holds all my weapons ear protection, eye protection, ammo and magazines. Quality made product.

  14. jamesdfabrizio

    Awesome bag. I like the ability to carry multiple handguns and other accessories without the bulk. Bags holds up really well and holds more then you think.

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